About Us

Our mission at Foremost Groups, Ltd. can be expressed in three fundamental values: Innovation, Quality, and Service. Each of these values serves as a guiding principle in our manufacturing process, and how we conduct our day to day business.

Established in 1987 as a privately held business in Newark, New Jersey, Foremost began its business as an importer of wood cabinetry and bathroom fixtures for the retail market. We have achieved consistent sales growth each year by providing well designed, high-quality products, and providing service that exceeds our customers’ expectations.

Foremost Groups, Ltd. has been in business for over 30 years. In that time, we have gained a vast knowledge of manufacturing, as well as the retail marketplace of today. We are a global company with over 2,000 employees in our sales offices, customer support centers, and factories worldwide. We have over 340,000 square feet of domestic warehouse space and own several manufacturing facilities including our state-of-the-art wood furniture factory located in Rizhao, China.

Foremost is a leader in each of its business groups:

  • Kitchen & Bath Division
  • Home Division
    • Indoor Furniture Division
    • Outdoor Furniture Division
  • Food Service Equipment Division
  • Manufacturing

Our Values

Innovation, Dedication, and Social Responsibility

Foremost Groups operations combine the strength of quality, design-driven production and market ingenuity to create a value that is unsurpassed in the markets we serve. Our production facilities in the United States and overseas use state-of-the-art, precision equipment and employ thousands of workers worldwide, providing opportunity, jobs and a pride that transcends borders and continents.

Our people are committed to honesty, respect, trust, sharing, hard work and quality in all we do. And our company is committed to social responsibility in return. We work in our communities to provide better lives and more opportunity for everyone. We support job training for adults with special needs and have extended global humanitarian assistance to victims of natural disasters. We help not because it serves our image, but rather because it is the right thing to do. As the need grows, so does our outreach to our communities and the world.

Environmental Responsibility

Because responsibility does not stop at national borders, Foremost is working to protect and sustain our global environment. By designing products that meet EPA standards like our Water Sense qualifying toilets that provide high efficiency waste removal while using 20% less water with every flush, Foremost is using innovative engineering to make the most of our resources. But that’s just a part of what Foremost does to insure sustainability.

Our bath vanities and furniture use California Air Resource Board (CARB) Phase II compliant wood products which limit urea-formaldehyde emissions into the environment. We only use wood products from managed forest resources to discourage clear-cut logging and the depletion of global rainforests. We encourage customers to order products using material that is Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certified, insuring the responsible use of our forest resources and equitable treatment of indigenous people of producing regions.

Environmental responsibility is everyone’s task at Foremost, to insure that we as a company protect our employees, our customers and our planet for this generation and the ones that follow.