Foremost Home presents an expansive array of indoor and outdoor furniture and decor designed to enrich every facet of your home. Whether you’re curating a cozy indoor sanctuary or transforming your outdoor spaces into stylish retreats, our diverse selection of furnishings caters to various tastes and lifestyles.



Part of our business is dedicated to providing outdoor furniture and decore for your home. Our Unique products are made with sustainable materials and processes, so you can enjoy them for years to come while being environmentally friendly. Our own brands of furniture and decor are available in big box retailers worldwide. 

Veranda Classics provides an extensive range of stylish and durable outdoor furniture, crafted from premium weather-resistant materials. With a selection of traditional and contemporary seating and table options, you can choose from a variety of frame finishes, tabletop materials, and more. Create the perfect outdoor space for entertaining with Veranda Classics.

At Neuwood Living©, we are a progressive designer, builder, and purveyor of eco-friendly outdoor furniture. Our cutting-edge Bioinspired Synthetic Wood blends science and technology to create beautiful wood-like material for your outdoor furnishings. Get ready to enjoy your outdoor space with Neuwood Living©!

Revolutionary sustainable decking solution crafted from proprietary materials. Our decking is not only innovative but also environmentally conscious, being completely recyclable. Embrace nature, one board at a time, with Neuwood Decking.

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Our indoor collection boasts meticulously crafted furniture sets that combine comfort with style, accompanied by a thoughtfully curated selection of decor for creating inviting and aesthetically pleasing interiors.

Discover the exquisite range of Foremost Home Indoor Furnishings, which includes cabinets, dining sets, and bedroom sets featuring intricate designs or a simpler appearance. Our dining and lounge seating feature deep cushions that seamlessly merge style with comfort.

Retail Partners

Foremost Home proudly collaborates with leading retailers, securing our position as the premier supplier for indoor and outdoor furnishings. Our extensive experience and unwavering dedication to exceptional customer service set us apart, ensuring top-notch solutions for every facet of your home.